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Losing My Breath by J Rose Black

“Losing My Breath” by J Rose Black delivers a sweet contemporary romance where opposites attract. The lovely characters and real relationship make it a compelling read. Meridian, sweet and patient, offers hints of depth, but the narrative lacks a deep dive into her character. The standout is Callan, a former Marine clinging to routine, creating an internal conflict that sets this slow-burn romance apart. If you seek a heartfelt story with internal struggles, this is a must-read!

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Geordie by Pax Sinclair / Book Blitz

MacTavish Distilleries, my family’s centuries-old company famous for its premium whiskey, sent me to California to craft wine to extend our legacy into America.⁣
Geordie by @paxsinclair is an all-new contemporary romance novel.

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The Maw of Mayhem by AK Nevermore / Book Blitz

Grimdarke James has got problems. As Vice Prez of the Maw of Mayhem MC, he needs to keep his shit together, but between the constant threat of his inner cat going feral, and Nikki, one of the motorcycle club’s mollys, blackmailing him, it’s a fine line some days.⁣

Then when an arms deal goes bad, everything goes to hell with it. All fingers point to an old club enemy, a man Grim has reason to both fear and loathe, but the facts don’t add up, and everyone is a suspect… including Grim. Faced with the constant threat of Nikki revealing his past and his need to prove himself to the MC, the fragile peace he’s made with his cat is threatened.⁣

Out of options and running out of time, Grim sets a bold plan into motion, and the consequences are far more dire than he could have imagined…⁣

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The Hanging Night by Christina Hooker and Sasha Hibbs

A captivating tale of eternal love, vengeful curses, and a power that can make or break them all, The Hanging Night by Christina Hooker and Sasha Hibbs will pull you in, making you wonder how we are all tied together, and if the ties that bind are truly meant to last.⁣

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When All is Said and Done by Christy Hayes / Book Blitz

“When All is Said and Done” is an emotional and brutally honest novel by Christy Hayes about the trials of married life. The story revolves around the relationship of Tegan and Dustin Carver. Tegan, a law professional, and Dustin, a product of an unstable childhood, find their marriage drifting apart due to her demanding career and hidden secrets. Dustin, desperate to save his marriage, returns from a seven-week hiatus in Key West ready to face therapy and confront disturbing truths. The book questions what is truly worth fighting for in a relationship.

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