Geordie by Pax Sinclair / Book Blitz

Geordie by Pax Sinclair / Book Blitz

Pax Sinclair
(The Scotsman’s Kilt, #2)
Publication date: December 20th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

MacTavish Distilleries, my family’s centuries-old company famous for its premium whiskey, sent me to California to craft wine to extend our legacy into America. My family, what’s left of them, remain in Scotland. Even thousands of miles away, my heritage and traditions continue to shape my life.

Despite losing my parents at a young age, I’ve always strived to follow their example—seeking love, marriage, and a brood of wee bairns. I envision this same perfect life, sprinkled with flirtations along the way, but in the end, I will have my own family. However, in a matter of minutes, a brutal dirt bike accident has shattered my life and reset my timeline.

Lying in my hospital bed, with only the sterile hum of machines for company, it’s clear that I must start my family now. With no solid relationship at present, the need to fill this void gnaws at me, urging me to find a solution before desperation leads to rash decisions.

Then there’s Lily, the vibrant chef I recently encountered. When we met, sparks flew, the heat between us intense. Yet, a couple of wee concerns stand in the way of a brilliant relationship. Lily doesn’t think much of me, and from what I could tell, she’s married.

Read “Geordie,” book two of the Scotsman’s Kilt series, a sexy, touching enemies-to-lovers, pregnancy romance. Discover how starting a family can also lead to romance. This is a standalone story.

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The old manor house, or the residence, as Geordie calls it, is out of a period piece from PBS. Portraits of ancestors trimmed in gold, heavy, ornate furniture in plush velvet, a fireplace the size of a wall. I expect to see Robert Burns and his friends walk in at any minute. I try not to gawk like a tourist at the place or the countless celebrities Geordie introduces me to.

After leading me away from the last group, we walk into a dark passage to another section of the house. The hum of the guests is not as noticeable here. He stops, turning to me, my back against the wall, and I’m looking up at him.

“I could see you were overwhelmed by the company, so I thought I’d steal you away for a bit.” He slips an arm above my head, leaning in close. His lips and the scent of whiskey make my bra feel tight. “I’ve missed you these few days.” He takes my lips, pressing against me, his hand sliding up and down my waist.

“You had Connie to keep you company,” I tease.

He pulls back a little, smiling. “She’s not you. I don’t fuck her. That, I do with you.”

“Is that what you’re going to do to me now? Take me like one of your male ancestors took a maid in this hall?” I’m so up for it, I can already see it in my mind. God, I’ve missed him enough to make up this silly fantasy. I need him to be the laird of the manor right now.

He pulls up the hem of the pale blue chiffon dress I wore to the christening and bunches my panties in his hand. His lips drop to my ear. “I should take you right here for making me wait.”

Author Bio:

Pax is a contemporary romance author who writes the kind of hot, twisty, drama-filled romances that she loves to read. Her novels are about biracial women in interracial relationships that will have you turning pages until the end.

Her current series, Love@work, takes you into the world of Silicon Valley’s billionaire tech moguls. These are powerful men and women who are driven by the changing landscape of business and their seductions in the bedroom.

Come along for a ride in Pax’s world, where it’s always steamy, captivating, and sometimes erotic.

Pax lives and works in Silicon Valley. She’s a California native.

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