Format: ARC

Butcher & Blackbird by Brynne Weaver

Absolutely captivated by Butcher & Blackbird by Brynne Weaver! An exhilarating blend of romance and darkness, this serial killer romcom breaks the mold with intense spice, a perfectly-paced romance, and well-rounded characters. Rowan and Sloan’s journey unfolds brilliantly, making it one of the healthiest dark romances. Highly recommend for fans of Mindf*ck series!

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Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas

Desperately needing a break from holiday romance, I dove into Bloody Broken Fate by Hazel Jonas—a dark vampire romance. Initial skepticism aside, the book hooked me fast. Raquel and Zeno’s patient and refreshing dynamic sets it apart from typical dark romances. The worldbuilding, with vampire mafiosos, witches, and Greek gods, captivated me. While some technical issues existed, it didn’t detract from the engaging plot. A must-read for dark paranormal fans!

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A Pre-Columbian Bestiary: Fantastic Creatures of Indigenous Latin America by Ilan Stavans, Eko

I am honestly pretty disappointed with A Pre-Columbian Bestiary by Ilan Stavans and illustrated by Eko. It feels almost as though this is a book that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. It includes mythical creatures, but also creatures like grasshoppers. The illustrations are great, but black and white. Honestly, it feels like a book with a strong premise that falters into a clunky coffee table book.

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