Twisted Love by Ana Huang

Twisted Love by Ana Huang
Series: Twisted #1
Published by Bloom Books on 09/27/2022
Genres: Romance
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
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He has a heart of ice...but for her, he'd burn the world.
Alex Volkov is a devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with a past he can't escape.
Driven by a tragedy that has haunted him for most of his life, his ruthless pursuits for success and vengeance leave little room for matters of the heart.
But when he's forced to look after his best friend's sister, he starts to feel something in his chest:
A crack.A melt.A fire that could end his world as he knew it.
Ava Chen is a free spirit trapped by nightmares of a childhood she can't remember.
But despite her broken past, she's never stopped seeing the beauty in the world...including the heart beneath the icy exterior of a man she shouldn't want.
Her brother's best friend.Her neighbor.Her savior and her downfall.
Theirs is a love that was never supposed to happen-but when it does, it unleashes secrets that could destroy them both...and everything they hold dear.
Twisted Love is a brother's best friend/opposites attract romance with a hint of suspense. It's book one in the Twisted series but can be read as a standalone.
WARNING: This book contains a jealous/possessive antihero, explicit sexual content, and profanity. Recommended for 18+.


After reading King of Wrath by Ana Huang, I wanted to pick up Twisted Love to see if her darker romances hit harder. It does! This was good until the end and it got great. The third act obstacle (yes, there is one) was unexpected and the ending utter satisfaction.

At the start, I wasn’t so sure I was going to like this/it was going to be dark romance. Ava is such sunshiney and nice and happy. Yes, she has some dark past, but it was just small flashbacks. She otherwise acted like a complete child with Alex before realizing she was getting in deep. Her character growth was so appreciated and wanted. I feel like I rarely see FMC make that hard stance and stick to it. She does and I grew to love her because of it. Alex, meanwhile, I adored from the start. He is messed up and I love it. He is singularly minded and goes after what he wants, to hell with the consequences. This applies to business and pleasure. View Spoiler » The romance was sweet and sexy. It made sense and time passed. It didn’t feel forced or instant. Slowly, Alex and Ava got to know each other before making that realization.

Pacing was stop and start. Parts were slow then parts were so fast I had to reread it a few times to make sure I understood it all. The third act obstacle was great and completely unexpected, but it definitely was needed/enhanced the story and romance.

If you like dark romance, I definitely recommend Twisted Love by Ana Huang. I’m unsure about picking up the second in the series but the third (Josh’s book) definitely is appealing so we’ll see if we get further into the Twisted series.


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