Sidetracked by S.T. Abby

Sidetracked by S.T. Abby
Series: Mindf*ck #2
Published by Self Published on December 5, 2016
Genres: Crime, Romance
Pages: 98
Format: eBook
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They always want to break me, but I'm too strong now. Untouchable. Or at least I was...until her.
**** LOGAN
I've had tunnel vision for one main goal for so long, that I forgot there was a whole other world just outside. Until Lana.
She's everything I never expected, and I love the fact I can never guess her every move or reaction. It's part of the reason I keep falling. But I also know she shuts me out, hides things from me she feels she can't share.
One day, I hope she trusts me enough to share.
It isn't until my job puts her at risk that I realize just how fierce she is, but it doesn't stop me from doing all I can to protect her. I should walk away to protect her better, but I can't. Instead, I'm forced to find other ways to keep her safe.
I just hope it's enough.
Though she is fierce, she's still fragile...


Spoilers for the first book in the series.

After reading the first book in the Mindf*ck series, I picked up Sidetracked by S.T. Abby (along with the rest of the books in this series.) I devoured this book almost immediately and loved it to the point that I had to get up and walk around for a part of it.

The relationship with Lana and Logan hits a small snag as Logan’s coworker, Hadley, gets suspicious of his new lover. The book picks up exactly where the first one ends, so there’s no waiting for that resolution on their confrontation. I honestly thought oh no, she’s been caught, but of course Lana has thought of everything. Well, almost everything.

And that almost everything is what leads to the biggest snag, not just in Lana’s relationship but in her revenge plans. I understand why she did what she did in this book, but honestly I wish she hadn’t. She got sloppy and now is at risk for having everything fall apart. Not just her relationship with Logan, but her freedom and plan for vengeance.

Logan shows cracks in his perfect veneer as he freaks out. First, over Lana having a hot young available homicide detective on protective duty. Then, over Lana rushing to the hospital to ensure he is okay. His jealousy and over-protectiveness chafes Lana, but she is far too gone with him to turn him away. I definitely get it because Lord save me, I am loving him still and her and really hope for a happy ending.

Abby also continues ending on salivating cliffhangers which means I will probably binge read this entire series fairly quickly. The series continues to get better and remain exciting. Do I recommend Sidetracked by S.T. Abby? Absolutely


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